Our company is a production factory mainly producing various medical anastomat. Our important development direction is ODM and OEMThe company has advanced processing and testing equipment, 10,000-level and 100,000-level purification workshops and production lines, totaling 20,000 square meters. And there are the establishments of "physical laboratory", "chemical laboratory" "sterile laboratory" and other testing departments, with the world's leading modern processing conditions and testing methods.

The company has strong technical force, has a high-quality technical management team and a group of stable and skilled production and technical personnel, with the goal of international advanced peers, combined with clinical operation experience, the developed products are more practical and reliable, ensuring product quality Under the premise of reliability, it has formed its own characteristics and obtained a number of patented technologies.

Anastomat,Medical stapler

At the same time, the company has a skilled, experienced and timely management team to ensure the company's after-sales service. In addition to domestic sales, our products are also sold to Europe, South America, Africa, the United States and Southeast Asia. The company adheres to the quality policy of "adhering to quality first, pursuing excellence of all employees" and "adhering to honesty and ensuring first-class service". According to GB/T19001, ISO13485 standard and 2007, 47, EC (MDD Directive) requirements to establish and implement quality system management progress. The company's quality system has passed ISO13485 certification and ISO9001 certification, and its products have passed CE certification. Our company keeps pace with the world and improves product quality through continuous innovation.