Ring-cut anastomat

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Ring-cut anastomat is also a major category of anastomat. The ring-cut anastomat is the same as the linear cutting anastomat, and it is also one of the latest anastomats. And compared with the linear cutting anastomat, each has its own suitable aspects. This is also the trend of the development of the anastomat. According to different situations, different anastomats are used. The following is an introduction to the ring anastomat.

The ring-cut anastomat includes a nail seat cover and a nail abutment seat, and a sliding rod cover is provided in the nail seat cover. A sliding rod is connected to the nailing base, and the sliding rod is inserted into the sliding rod sleeve. The slide bar has a first anti-rotation plane. The inner wall of the sliding rod sleeve has a second anti-rotation plane. The two anti-rotation planes fit together.

One part of the slide bar and the slide bar sleeve is provided with a guide rib along the axial direction of the slide bar, and the other part is provided with a guide groove along the axial direction of the slide bar, and the guide rib is inserted into the guide groove. Through the cooperation of the guide rib and the guide groove, the positioning between the sliding rod and the nail seat cover is accurate, that is, the positioning of the nail seat cover and the nail seat is accurate, thereby ensuring that the staple is correctly formed.

The operation is simple and convenient, saving operation time. disposable use to avoid cross infection. Use titanium nails or stainless steel nails (skin anastomats) to sew tightly. It has few side effects and effectively reduces surgical complications.

Nowadays, almost anastomats are widely used in hospitals,especially for patients who need surgery. Before operation, check whether the scale is aligned with the 0 calibration, whether the assembly is correct, and whether the push piece and the tantalum nail are missing. A plastic washer must be installed in the needle seat. Adjust the spacing according to the thickness of the intestinal wall, preferably 1 to 2 cm. Check the stomach, esophagus and other adjacent tissues before percussion to prevent pinching into the anastomat.

Anastomat,Medical stapler

The cutting should be fast, and finally pressurized to make the stitch into "B" shape, striving for a success. If you think it is not certain, you can re-cut again. Withdraw the anastomat gently, and check whether the cut tissue is a complete ring.