• Circumcision anastomat in the treatment of phimosis and redundant prepuce in children

    Circumcision with the anastomat and traditional circumcision for the treatment of phimosis and redundant prepuce in children each have their own advantages and disadvantages,but the former is more advantageous and more feasible clinically.

    2020-07-02 Circumcision anastomat 44456

  • Medical anastomat(Medical stapler)

    Whether it is a domestic anastomat(Medical stapler) or an imported facility, as long as the material is well selected and the processing method is decent, it can be safely applied to suture surgery.

    2020-06-28 Medical stapler 666676

  • Ring-cut anastomat

    Ring-cut anastomat is also a major category of anastomat. The ring-cut anastomat is the same as the linear cutting anastomat, and it is also one of the latest anastomats. And compared with the linear cutting anastomat, each has its own suitable aspects. This is also the trend of the development of the anastomat. According to different situations, different anastomats are used. The following is an introduction to the ring anastomat.

    2016-03-21 Ring cut anastomat 88890

  • Anorectal anastomat

    Anastomat(Medical stapler) is a device widely used in medicine now. anastomat can replace manual stitching, reduce doctor's mistakes, and make the operation safer.

    2012-06-28 Anorectal stapler 444458

  • Anastomat classification

    Jiangsu Sunyu Medical Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the development and production of surgical instruments such as anastomat and hemorrhoid ligator. Anastomat products are available in all types.

    2009-06-21 Anastomat 2147483647

  • What's Endoscopic Technique

    It causes less damage than traditional surgery. Endoscopic surgery has many advantages: shorter hospital stay (most cases), less pain after surgery, earlier return to work, and less scarring.

    2009-06-13 endoscopic technique 766672

  • How to use disposable skin anastomat

    After the suturing is completed, the handle must be completely released and the suturing device must be withdrawn. Then the next suturing can be performed.

    2007-06-13 anastomat 100015

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